E-Channelizer by Sayyid A.

A stylish, fast, feature-rich yet lightweight settings editor for digital satellite set-top boxes powered by Enigma firmware.


– Freeware for the community developed mainly in love of hobby.
– Super-fast with background processing and multi-threading support.
– Fully portable; neither administrator privileges nor registry modification is required.
– Automatic updates (self-updatable).

– Create new, open, and save local settings files.
– Open settings from recently opened files.
– Check and fix settings errors.
– Add, edit, and delete satellites, transponders, services, bouquets, and favorites.
– Validation of user inputs and actions.
– Parental control support (blacklist, whitelist or none).

– Support satellites, cable and terrestrial dvb.
– Filter services by satellites, cable and terrestrial.
– In-line edit of satellites and transponders from the satellites.xml file.
– Add missing and update existing transponders from services data.
– Delete empty satellites, and unused satellites or transponders.
– Import satellites from local XML file or STB.

– Unique icons for service types and flags (locked, new, hidden, encrypted).
– Sort and custom filter by service types and flags.
– Advanced search with instant highlighted results.
– Quick access to bouquets which the favorite services are added.
– Batch edit of multiple services at once.
– Add services to a new bouquet.
– Add services to a bouquet by drag and drop.
– Remove services from all bouquets at once.
– Copy, cut and paste services between multiple windows.

– Advanced search with instant highlighted results.
– Insert markers.
– Insert stream (TS/DVBS and Non-TS).
– Rename favorites, reset names and change name letter-cases.
– Sort favorites alphabetically while optionally keep markers in place.
– Change parental control of favorites.
– Re-arrange favorites by drag and drop.
– Copy or move favorites between bouquet by drag and drop.
– Copy, cut and paste favorites between multiple bouquets or windows.
– Paste services from clipboard.

– Support multiple STB profiles grouped in sections.
– Customize STB network configuration, file directories, HTTP/FTP ports.
– Support HTTP/FTP over secured SSL/TLS protocols and FTP passive mode.
– Test connectivity and check online status of STBs.
– Read, write and reload settings from STBs over the local network.
– Customize which files being transferred to STB and the reloading method.



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