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Installing Picon during Wizard

Dream-Elite is proud to present that we have a new feature in our Image. You can now choose to install Picons during the Wizard !!!   Link: Picon in Wizard

Dreambox 920 ultraHD

High End re-defined: Dreambox DM920 ultraHD Multistream, FBC, FPGA for parallel CI usage, 8 GB Flash The new DM920 ultraHD is simply packed with superlative features: variable tuner configuration with FBC and Multistream based on an innovative Broadcom chipset, two… Weiterlesen →

Neuer Dreambox DVB-S2 FBC Dual-Tuner (8 Demodulatoren)

Dreambox präsentiert nach der Sommerpause einen neuen DVB-S2 FBC Dual-Tuner für seine UHD Modelle. Nach Angaben von Dream ist der neue FBC Dual-Tuner nur zum neuesten 4K-Receivermodell DM900 UHD kompatibel und soll optional als Zubehör ab etwa Ende August erhältlich… Weiterlesen →

Dreambox streaming server DM7080HD AND DM820HD image

Now and it was quite obvious, also the image for DM7080HD is available. LINK : DM7080HD Streaming server image

Dreambox DM7080HD

Ricevitore satellitare digitale per programmi televisivi e radiofonici Le caratteristiche principali sono un processore dual-core con 7000DMIPS Dreambox OS Dreambox API 7000DMIPS Dual Core Processor Porta HDMI 1.4a 2x (1x ingresso, 1x uscita) MPEG-2 / decoder H.264 Doppio DVB-S2 Tuner 2x… Weiterlesen →

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